Disability without barriers (italian blog)

Recent article about Seable Holidays by “Disabilità senza barriere” an leading italian disability news blog, that we translate for our readers.

“Seable is a London-based social enterprise designed and created by Damiano La Rocca, a twenty-six years old from Catania, which for some years has been living in London.

But what is it Seable and what does it do?

Seable is a company that offers customized personal assistance for individual holidays small groups. The service is open to all people, of all ages with physical disabilities (eg. with spinal cord injury, paraplegia, etc..) and or other (blind, deaf, etc.., and provides an opportunity to test new things and experiences, meet new people, learning new skills.

The social enterprise provides tour packages in Sicily, including courses of diving, excursions to Mount Etna, horse riding, multi-sensory and gastronomic experiences, accessible pool and boat, and much more. The objective of Seable is to provide a completely integrated and accessible environment, which is not easy given the poor accessibility and lack of services that characterize the region.

 “I found two hotels in Catania who have the minimum required by law, and two coach for disabled. The difficulties are not lacking, with only two bus is always at risk contingency, and the airport of Catania is my gripe – says La Rocca – Already with the first client I had to make a complaint. we were waiting for 45 minutes for the special assistance, for which a paraplegic paralyzed from the neck down is a great inconvenience. ” “My first customer – he says – was an American, and paraplegic paralyzed from the neck down, who organized a solo trip in Italy who contacted me because he was unable to visit Sicily and thanks to Seable has reunited with his family originary of Agrigento. The second client, a man who became blind in late age, after being cruise director for 40 years, has traveled the world and just wanted to experience traveling alone without relying on groups. The most beautiful thing is to share with clients their experience and their joy because without me they could not do it. “(Cited http://ctzen.it/) We would like to congratulate Seable for the excellent work they are doing!

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Thanks to Ilaria Marzari