Tactile Museum for visually impaired disabled visitors

Tactile Museum for visually impaired

TACTILE MUSEUM – Sicily is the home to one of the world’s best tactile museums specifically for the blind and visually impaired. Areas include a bar in the dark, a sensory garden and a showroom, all suitable for visually impaired disabled visitors. Sicilian artistic and cultural works including monuments, statues and religious artefacts. The tactile material displayed in the museum, means that blind people can experience the items for themselves. In the sensory garden all the smells and scents of Mediterranean plants and flowers are revealed.

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INFORMATION about The Tactile Museum for visually impaired:

The Polo Touch Multimedia (Catania, via Etnea 602) is a project born as a projection of the Braille Printing House Regional UIC (Italian Union of Blind and Partially Sighted) in whose laboratories, from 1978, it achieves 80 percent of the national association publications (three magazines, two of which are aimed at children and adolescents, and distributed 9 thousand subscribers throughout Italy).

In the two thousand-square-foot Polo multimedia touch of Catania are combined: the only showroom in Italy (third in Europe after Paris and London) with books, Toys and innovative teaching aids and technology, IL Tactile Museum with the most famous works of art to touch, IL Bar al buio (where the visually impaired becomes a guide for the blind), the internet cafe with Braille and sensory garden in addition to large library Printing of Braille with its rich supply of books in Braille, Large print and audio books. lPrinting in Catania produces books in Braille, in Large print, into electronic text for speech synthesis or Braille display and a joint Press Black / Braille. In the latter system, the Braille character corresponds exactly to the typeface of the sighted and the blind can, independently, to share a text to the blind. And ‘common, in fact, by parents who are blind use of the joint printing method to teach reading to their children blind and is a valuable aid for teachers to support, that often do not read Braille. The Printing House Catania, for productivity, one of the leading Italian: of cutting-edge techniques in use (works in collaboration with the Department of Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Systems, Diees, University of Catania) that the machinery. Thanks to the contribution of the Sicilian Region produces each year – and distributes free – methods listed in the textbooks for visually impaired students Sicilian. At the request, then, The Printing House produces and delivers throughout Italy textbooks and magazines in Braille. Printing is the motto of “What the blind dream, we realize “. See more at: http://www.bebefacile.it/en/2012/01/04/inaugurato-a-catania-il-polo-tattile-itinerante

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