ENABLE COVER mocksv3.inddEnable magazine is an award – winning disability lifestyle magazine that has joined the list of UK organizations that are working towards helping disabled people live a more independent and accessible lifestyle. This magazine is the best source of information for all the latest updates, beneficial news and interviews, and lots of other exciting and interesting features for the disabled community. They focus on what disabled people can do, hence their slogan ‘forget can’t – think can’. They do a great job in portraying a very positive image regarding all kinds of disabilities related to mobility, sight, hearing, long-term illnesses, learning disabilities, disfigurements, and everything else. They aim to differentiate themselves from other magazines by not focusing on products rather focusing solely on people. This makes ‘Enable’ magazine a truly admirable, inspirational, and respectable magazine for the disabled community of UK.

Seable is truly honored to be recommended by Enable magazine as an accessible holiday to its readers. Our feature in Enable magazine lays out the true inspirational story behind the concept that led to the realization of a social enterprise, Seable. It’s a story that motivates all disabled people to take up challenges and believe in themselves. Just like Enable magazine’s slogan says, ‘forget cant – think can’ and you too can be the next Guinness World Record holder.


With the tons of exciting new activities to try out, why not turn your vacation into an experience of a lifetime. From scuba diving to 4×4 driving on the highest active volcano, Mount Etna, from olive picking in the farms of Sicily to learning all about orange plantation, from boat tours on River Ciane to barbeques on the slopes of Etna, there is so much to enjoy this summer. Regardless of your disability, you can enjoy a great holiday with your friends and family members without having to worry about transport or accommodation because Seable ensures that you get the most comfortable and accessible accommodation and transport everywhere you go.

For bookings contact us at info@seable.co.uk or call us at 0207 749 4840.