SMALLFC_posability_feb_marchPosAbility magazine brings an innovative and fresh take towards improving the lifestyles of disabled people. The main focus of this magazine is to ensure that the disabled community of UK is acquainted and updated with all the opportunities available to them. This could range from disability education, jobs for people with disabilities, sports for disabled people, disability dating and relationships, disabled holidays, experiences, or other wheelchair accessible activities that they can enjoy from.

The main aim of this magazine is to motive and inspire people with disabilities to lead a healthy and active lifestyle which lines up quite well with the ultimate goal of Seable. We want to encourage the disabled community to live life to its fullest while giving them opportunities to be more and more independent.

The magazine features countless inspirational and uplifting success stories of disabled people and how they overcame the problems they faced due to their disability. A case study on the motivational story behind the concept of Seable is also featured in this latest edition. Disability holidays are still not that common and many people are unaware of the options available to them. But more than just a disability holiday, it is the wide range of disabled sports and activities that you can enjoy on your holiday that set Seable apart from other wheelchair accessible or adventure holiday providers.

Along with that you can also find out about a ton of innovative new products and mobility equipment continuously being introduced in the market to make the lives of disabled people more independent. Some of UK’s top providers are being featured in this magazine including MyAbility, Lewis Reed, Chaneco, TinyTRAX, Chunc 45°, and many more.

You can also learn about some ground breaking research being conducted for disabled people. This issue features some progressive discoveries in spinal research for fighting paralysis and prosthetic and orthotics.

Check out Seable’s feature in the latest Feb/March 13 issue of PosAbility Magazine which is not only available on subscription basis but can also be found at many disability charities and organizations throughout the UK. Free copies of this magazine can also be attained through various disability exhibitions and events PosAbility Magazine attends year round.


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