When is the best time to book your holiday? Obviously it depends what sort you want, but in many cases the answer is now. If you look at a graph of when people book and research their holidays, an extraordinary change happens towards the end of December every year. Activity soars from its lowest point of the year to its highest. This remarkable shift happens as many of us, bloated and slightly bored by Christmas, with no work to do and cold grey weather outside, start to think about our summer holidays. We may not book immediately, but we certainly start searching the internet for ideas and prices.

If you can drag yourself away from Christmas preparations and beat this rush by booking now, you will enjoy several advantages. First, you will have the biggest choice of accommodation and hotel rooms; second, you will be able to select flights (or ferries) from the most convenient airport/port, at the most convenient times and at the best prices, and third, if you need advice, travel company offices will be much less busy and able to devote time to your inquiry. I can’t absolutely guarantee that you will get your holiday at the cheapest price as it is impossible to know how pricing and demand will pan out in such harsh economic times.

But you can rest assured that you will have the best chance of getting the holiday you want at a reasonable rate.