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Accessible Holidays

The modern mobility car has reshaped the world of travel and tourism for the disabled and for wheelchair users. The use of the mobility car has transformed the lives of thousands of disabled people across Great Britain, and Europe is now home to a large number of cities which all encourage a wide use of wheelchair friendly access points in hotels, bars and restaurants.

Across the UK and Europe, there are now some truly spectacular places to visit where wheelchair users needn’t spend their time worrying over the lack of facilities in place to accommodate physically impaired or disabled families or travel groups.

For families or travel groups looking to plan their own driving holiday, specialist companies such Allied Vehicles offer mobility cars / self-drive cars for purchase or lease. For European excursions or sports for the physically impaired, don’t forget the check the main Seable website for more info.

Before you start planning, here are 5 of Europe’s most wheelchair friendly cities:

  1. London

We start off our list right here in the UK. Our capital is not only one of the most diverse and exciting cities in Europe but it’s also one of the most wheelchair friendly. Public transport in London sets the bar high for the rest of the continent with every single bus route in the city offering wheelchair access. For a more private travel options, taxis in London also offer the same accessibility. The majority of hotels can also provide a safe and easy access point.

  1. Berlin

Berlin is becoming more and more accessible by the day. Just like London, buses and taxis offer convenient access and most public transport options are designed with the ‘Accessible Berlin’ motto in mind. Find out more info about ‘Accessible Berlin from the Visit Berlin travel website.

  1. Paris

It’s one of the most romantic cities in the world but it was once almost impossible to get around. Slowly but surely, the city is changing. Now, over 50 metro stations have been made barrier-free for wheelchairs and most buses have deployed the use of ramps to help people get around the city with ease. Popular tourist hot spots such as Le Tour Eiffel, the Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral and Arc de Triomphe are now completely accessible by public transport because of these recent improvements.

  1. Venice

The thought of Venice on a wheelchair seems almost infeasible. The never-ending canals and constant need to travel by water may be off-putting but you might be surprised to discover how easy it could be. Water taxis and water buses both offer wheelchair access and discounts are also available for wheelchair users and one of the passengers travelling with them.

Not all Vaparetto stops are accessible so you need to do your research. If you don’t mind paying a little extra, try using water taxis to get around. Once you know the system and understand all the tips and tricks, Venice can be a breeze.

  1. Rome

Rome is one of the busiest cities in Europe. This is without a doubt one of the most desirable tourist cities and getting around can be stressful. But a wheelchair user can get from A to B with ease as long as they have assistance and a little patience. The truth is, barriers are still an issue for many tourist attractions in this famous Italian city but the trick is to find out where the entrance is before you set off.

This is a great article (Rolling in Rome) by By Howard L. Chabner and Michele E. DeSha, which helps you discover the accessibility or Rome from a wheelchair user themselves.