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Accessible holidays in Czech Republic

Come to see the friendly Accessible Czech Republic! Discover the beauty of the Moravian-Silesian Region… 

You might be surprised but the idea to travel to the Czech Republic on holiday is more and more popular with the british people every year! In 2013 the Brits even made it to the fourth place among foreigners coming to the Czech Republic for several days. Were you not among them?! It is a pity but understandable… as the statistics say that mostly these are visits of people who had already been to Bohemia or Moravia and had learned about the range and quality of services they can get … and came back again. Would you like to try it out, too? There is nothing simpler. But Bohemia is not just Prague! Leave Prague out this time and come to explore the beauty of the upper part of Silesia and the charming Northern Moravia, places that lie in the arms of mountain ranges of Jesnìky and Moravskoslezské Baskydy. You will find a region that will surprise you with a rich and complicated history. It has Gothic (medieval fortresses around Bruntal), Renaissance and Baroque sights, with over 80% of accessible sites.

 We visited Štramberk (Štramberská Trúbaa little town nestled between the hills Kotouč, Bílá hora and Zámecký kopec is often called the “Moravian Nativity Scene”. Its crooked cobblestone streets will lead you around old timbered homes and townhouses to the small square on the side of a hill with the Baroque Church of St. John of Nepomuk. In the square’s left corner you’ll see the stairway to the Tube, a tall cylindrical tower once belonging to castle Strallenberg. The view from up here of things both far wide is exhilarating. The log cabin roofs will surely lure you to enjoy a stroll to the Upper and Lower Bastion – the most precious streets in the monument reserve.

 Discover the accessible facilities ready for hiking trips through the lovely mountainous countryside. Follow the trails of remarkable personalities of European culture from its Christian beginnings (the missionaries Cyril and Method) to the original geniuses of the modern music (Leoš Janáček). Relish the amazing architecture of the Archbishop’s Chateau in Kroměříž with its Květná and Podzamecka Gardens, the visit of which will provide you with great pleasure in any season of the year. These places are among the most visited sights in th Czech Republic as they are part of the UNESCO list of World Heritage.

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