QAC Sight Village is fast becoming a high profile way of bringing to light all the latest equipment, technology, and support services that are intended to improve the quality of life for individuals that are partially sighted or blind. QAC itself is a national charity for people with visual impairment and/or other disabilities.

QAC organizes its events and road shows in different venues in England & Scotland. Their major show is held in Birmingham each year in the month of July but just recently they organized a road show in Kensington Town Hall, London on the 6th and 7th of November, 2012 that received quite a strong turnout.

The road show had 53 exhibitors showcasing all kinds of products and services beneficial for the visually impaired that ranged from audio equipment & services, braille equipment, CCTV’s/Magnification, computers and other peripherals, screen enlargers and readers, computer and smart phone software, daily living equipment, education and training, leisure services, low vision aids, mobility aids, specialist publishing, text reading equipment, web access scripting, and tactile diagram equipment.

Over a hundred people stepped out of their busy routines to come and learn about what new products and services were being introduced for the blind and partially sighted individuals. From kids to elderly, the two day event witnessed quite a favourable response from Londoners. Visitors included charity members, teachers of the visually impaired, parents of blind and partially sighted children, and visually impaired people themselves. The road show also proved to be a strong platform for new and emerging companies as it gave them a chance to interact with the key industry leaders and come up with mutually beneficially partnerships.

Some of the main exhibitors included Action for Blind People, Blind Veterans UK, Guide Dogs, iCAN Experiences, Mascular Disease Society, Metro Blind Sports, Queen Alexandra College, Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea, Royal Blind Society, Royal London Society for the Blind, RNIB and RNIB Products and Publications, RP Fighting Blindness, Royal National College for the Blind, CIC, Sound Foresight Technology Ltd, Sight & Sound Technology, Victa Children, and Vocaleyes.

Seable will be attending the next upcoming Sight Village event. To find out more about the QAC Sight Village, click here.





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