Experience Seable Holidays in a Trekinetic Wheelchair

Beyond The Boundary Wheelchairs

Beyond The Boundary Wheelchairs 

They may look like they were designed in another galaxy, but the Multi Award winning Trekinetic K2 and its stable companion the powered GTE, are definitely at home on planet earth ! Offering you versatility, freedom, and comfort, these all terrain, eye catching, award winning, beautifully designed wheelchairs, break down disability boundaries, and give their owners and / or carer an unprecedented sense of safety, independence and confidence over cobble stones, forest tracks, uneven pavements, snow and sand, making them ideal for holidays of all types.

K2 in Lake District

K2 in Lake District

With the 2 big wheels at the front, there are no castors to get stuck so you can view the world around you and not the pot holes on the ground.

Lightweight, liftable and easily disassembled, both the manual and the powered chairs are perfect for travelling. Most airlines are happy to transport them, and they will fit into almost any car, without the need for an adaptation or hoist, which means you can go out in any car or taxi. And if you’re using the GTE and run out of battery, the chair can easily be converted to manual.

The Trekinetic chairs are simply a better prospect, allowing you to focus on what you can do, rather than what you can’t do; places you can go, rather than can’t go.

State of the Art and stylish, when you’re out in a Trekinetic, nobody looks the other way, and yet another barrier is broken down.

To see a video of the Trekinetic in action http://youtu.be/oqIv6As8GK8



For more information go to www.beyondtheboundarywheelchairs.com

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