Disabled Holidays

Seable offers accessible activities, naturalistic excursions and gastronomic delights to the sighted and visually impaired, partially blind, totally blind, wheelchair users and physically impaired holidaymakers.

We offer a range of accessible activities which have proven to enhance the holiday experience alongside gaining new life skills.We work in association with the Sicilian charity LIFE (Life Improvement for Everyone); our holidays are tailor-made for individuals, couples, families or small groups and our holiday package to the beautiful island of Sicily is specifically tailored to cater to the blind and disabled travel needs.

– Accessible Holidays: http://blog.seable.co.uk/accessible-holidays/
– Accessible Accommodation http://blog.seable.co.uk/accessible-accommodation/ 
Accessible Hotel http://blog.seable.co.uk/accessible-hotel/

Find out morehttp://www.seable.co.uk


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