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blind and visually impaired experiencing 4x4 driving in mount etna

blind and visually impaired experiencing 4×4 driving in mount etna

At Seable we believe that physical or sensorial disability shouldn’t be a barrier to a much-needed break.Seable offers:

  • An alternative to traditional respite care in a friendly and relaxed holiday environment
  • Hassle-free accessible respite care and short breaks
  • Real freedom and choice, for disabled people and carers alike

Each break is full board and offers a wide range of activities and excursions. 24-hour nursing care on-call and personal support is included in the price of your break.

Who we cater for

We are experienced in caring for a wide variety of physical disabilities and health conditions.

Check out our summer season!

See more at www.seable.co.uk

To signup for our upcoming summer 2013 vacations, click here.

See more at www.seable.co.uk


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